We drive RESULTS!

The Bajalo Group is a company with multiple subsidiaries including The Cr8ve App, The Cr8ve Store and Writrz Block. All of the companies under the umbrella of the Bajalo group prides themselves in providing exceptional service to our clients. We look to help small businesses succeed.

Core Values

  • The core of our company rest in 5 simple principles:
    Fun and Weird! If a company’s employees are having fun, they’re more likely to be engaged in the task at hand. Organizations with an engaged workforce are more productive and likely to retain their employees.
  • Transparent! As a result of our transparent culture, we feel a sense of trust here at the Bajalo Group.
    We can express our thoughts and unpleasant surprise as seen as ways for us to grow rather than a hinderance.
  • Involvement! Innovation is on the list of our core values. The word involve operates on a multitude of levels, acknowledging employees’ desire to contribute as work as well as their pursuit of personal interest.
  • Adventure! It makes sense to tie your culture to your product and that’s exactly what we do here at Bajalo Group by making the adventure apart of the process.
  • Empathy! At the Bajalo Group, one of the things we strive for is empathy. Our support team is vital to our business and they can’t be successful if they’re unable to put themselves in the customers’ shoes.
  • Our developers need to understand how users are interacting with our services in order to evolve and improve.
  • Our managers are the most effective when they recognize the concerns, challenges and preferences of team members. Empathy is essential to our business and it’s one of the traits we asses in each member, existing or incoming.